Thursday, July 20, 2006

New E. Vill. Thai

Wednesday dinner with Heather at Room Service, a tiny Thai place on East 12th Street, not to be confused with the more opulent Room Service Thai in Chelsea. No word on whether they're related, although I doubt it. Despite the hotel reference in the name and the room keys attached to the menus, the East Village one actually looks like the sleek cabin of a slightly outmoded (think '80s futuristic sleek) private jet, complete with wood-like paneling along the back and engine-like central-air nozzles. The decor apparently dates back at least to the time when the eatery at this location was called United Noodles (get it: U.N.), which was the name we'd been seeking. I had a dish called drunkboy noodles, which was pretty spicy for my palate, but not too bad overall. Heather got the pad thai, with chicken and shrimp; she let me taste some, and it definitely gets a thumbs-up and a try-me-again. We had peanut dumplings for starters, which just confirmed for me that Thai food is the perfect grownup cuisine for a kid like me who practically lived on PB&J sandwiches. The peanut farmers would be proud.

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