Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mirror vision

Sunday afternoon, as I was getting on the 1 train, I saw a couple through a window in the subway car, their faces reflected in a full-length mirror they were transporting uptown. Eventually, a seat opened up and I was sitting beside them. They were speaking French and doing a lot of something else French. Between PDAs, they looked in the mirror that they had propped up in front of them. The train sped out into the daylight onto the 125th Street trestle. They kept looking; I thought for a moment that they were looking out at the setting sun in the mirror, but they were actually looking at their own faces, which is what you normally do with a mirror, I guess, but a part of me thought: A mirror on the subway—use it for something fun and different, like looking at the landscape in the opposite direction. He was wearing an old T-shirt that showed too much of his chest, she was wearing impossibly pointy elfin red shoes and a fair amount of eyeliner. They got off at 168th Street, he in front of her, the mirror facing out to the world.

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