Sunday, July 16, 2006

I heart Heidi Blickenstaff and other deep cultural ruminations

Jaime reminds us all: [title of show] is open again for another run at the Vineyard Theatre, and if you didn't see it five million times during the first run (even if you did), and think of yourself as any percentage of a theater nerd, it behooves you to get down to East 15th Street and officially become a [tos]ser, in the best sense of the word, of course. (And, yes, the title of this post is my shameless theater crush of the moment, although I don't know whether I have the funds or wherewithal to turn it into a true obsession, the way some people* I know did with other performers and other shows.) Me, I haven't been feeling very theater-y recently. My primary source of comp'd tickets has been drier than a raisin'd grape of late, and I just haven't been feeling very free and easy with the money, so I haven't gotten around to seeing History Boys, even though I know I should, and will be happy I did. I feel like I often go on "medium kicks," where I'll throw myself deeply into one kind of art and then move onto something else. So there'll be a string of dance performances on my Playbill pile one month, and then the next month it'll be art galleries on my checklist. Lately, it's been free (with the exception of one) outdoor concerts. Getting last-minute Ani tickets was too much fun to pass up, but all the rest have been thanks to the generosity (read: advertising) of the corporate behemoths we know and love like ExAm and WimeTorner. Although I did go ahead and buy McCarren Park pool tickets for Neko Case's show later this summer. Since I've become such a fan, it's about time I saw this artist do her thing live.

*Bebe in Chicago and JCM in Hedwig come to mind.

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