Monday, July 17, 2006

Franklin Street station

What I think is missing from too many subway stations around the city are attractive entranceways like this one here in Tribeca, which reminds me a bit of Paris Metro designs. From what I've seen of the proposed No. 7 train extension stops and the planned 96th Street pavilion for the 1/2/3 trains, the MTA is working gradually to rectify that. I sense a swing of the pendulum: Back in the day, there were more aboveground elements, and then they gotten eaten up by buildings or were turned into more basic stairways. Now, we realize it's kind of nice to have an aboveground reminder of where we spend so much of our time.


Sarah said...

I look at this station and I think of the scene with Kenneth Branagh and Winona Ryder (I think it was them) in one of the newer Woody Allen movies (Deconstructing Harry, maybe?).

AddledWriter said...

Nice photo!