Friday, July 14, 2006

A dispatch from the storied halls of olde English academia (no malt liquor involved)

I correspond occasionally with one of my favorite professors from college, who helps to keep me tethered, albeit rather effortlessly on my part, to the world of musty manuscripts and dusty books. Here then is his latest email. I've highlighted a line that I officially ordain my Aphorism of the Day. "Here I sit, in the 'junior common room' at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, typing a quick response to your email. Delay of any kind means nothing--so long as the answer at some point arrives! So don't feel any need to apologize for that. The current project (and paper) is also something for which I have high publication hopes, so keep your fingers crossed. When I have something from it that seems presentable, I'll be happy to send you a copy. (It's on Hawthorne, by the way, although--inevitably--James figures into it.)"

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