Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Beware the stock photo

The other day at my party Daryl gave us a strong warning about something he's learned: Never pose for a stock photograph, if you can avoid it or make a living some other way! Why? Because you never know where your face might end up. Your innocent smile could be used to hawk all manner of unseemly things. Or otherwise things you oppose. Like this woman in Brooklyn. But out of all the more famous blatant uses of stock photos, I'd have to say the most annoying one is Classmates.com (right). Who are those poor people and what did they do to deserve being in that sad, sad campaign? You know, the ones that say things like "She married him? And they have 7 kids?!??!" and the like. Whatever they were paid, it wasn't enough.


Sarah said...

hey CP, sorry I didn't make it to the party. Next time... :)

Sarah said...

I mean C.S.

what the heck is CP? cardio pulmonary? cerebral palsy? canadian press?

Anonymous said...

Actually, none of these are stock photos. They're all photos of present or former employees of Classmates.com -- they agreed specifically to this usage, but didn't get paid a dime. Good times.