Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Belle & Sebastian, Trinity Place, Polly Peachum

I saw Belle & Sebastian live for the first time yesterday with N. in Battery Park. Turns out I really lucked out in not having to brave the Starbucks ticket distribution fiasco. Sometimes it pays to be on the corporate email lists. Martha Wainwright opened under dry skies, but the rain arrived shortly afterward. Luckily, the lightning held off, and they didn't have to clear the lawn, so we just waited it out under an umbrella. The storm passed, and B&S got to perform a great, long set. The sun even returned for the second half. I recognized about two-thirds of the songs. One of my favorites of their new album, The Life Pursuit, is "Funny Little Frog." I love how Stuart rhymes "thro-at" with "know it." They did not, however, play "Step Into My Office, Baby." I'd actually been trying to remember the title of this song, when a guy with a slightly funny sounding scream somewhere in the audience shouted it out in request. He kept requesting it throughout the show, to the laughter of many around him, but B&S, alas, did not oblige—or couldn't hear him to begin with. Stuart and the band had a great banter going between each song, which included nods to the fact that they were a band from the "old country" playing on our Independence Day. Afterward, we decamped to Trinity Place, one of the best bars in the Financial District, overlooking Liberty Plaza/Zuccotti Park for a couple of rounds of Guinness. It was supposed to be the afterparty for the concert, but only one of the band members showed up, and later told N. that they were actually going to be at a bar in Brooklyn. The clock struck nine, and we headed out and caught a glimpse or two of the fireworks. We toyed with the idea of taking the Staten Island Ferry, just for fun, there and back, but the spontaneity of the moment (and our buzz) ebbed a little when we realized it wasn't going to be there for another 20 minutes. (What would Edna St. Vincent Millay say?) On my way home, this woman and I were both running for the same cab. I said she could have it, but she offered to share, which turned out to be a fun New York moment that reminded me of the transit strike last year. Turns out she was an actress, soon to be appearing in a Fringe Festival show, Imminent, Indeed (or Polly Peachum's Peculiar Penchant for Plosives), based on A Beggar's Opera.

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