Sunday, July 09, 2006

Around the digital hearth

Several friends, new and old, joined me for a little get-together last night, nicely filling the modest nook of living space I've carved out of my main room. I was really interested to discover that most people chose to drink wine over beer or cocktails. Luckily, I bought enough of each to go around, not knowing everyone's preferences, or at least the preferences of those who showed up. But I'm glad I decided against that last six pack of beer from FreshDirect, since I now have 24 bottles of beer left over in my fridge. So if anyone wants to come over and help me drink the remains, you're more than welcome. Attendees with a website included Daryl, Chris (and Cheryl), and TAB (and "Bunny"). Thanks also to Amy for helping to get the party started, and of course Heather for helping to set everything up so beautifully.


T.A.B. said...

It was a pleasure to attend. Both Bunny and myself had a great time. Looking forward to the next one, whenever that is.

callalillie said...

Sorry I missed it :( You should have another get together soon.