Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Who needs real TV when you've got this?

Williamsburg has its very own sitcom! TheBurg posted its first full-length episode ("Cred") online this week. Also, be sure to check out the hilarious teasers from the past month or so, including "Hip or Dangerous?" Plus, a pair of choice screenshots below. Who says summertime has to be the TV doldrums?
Brooklyn Vegan

Mike Still of A Week of Kindness and PSU fame

Another college connection or two: The co-creator of the project, Thom Woodley, is another Penn Stater, and I actually knew his band back in freshman year: a fun folksy sextet called Holy Mary Mother of Bert. Lindsey Broad, who plays "Spring," is a PSU alum as well.


Thom said...

Hey, this is Thom from the Burg / Bert / PSU. Found this while googling myself (I admit it!). Since only your first name is up on here, I'm just curious... who are you?

It's worth mentioning that MANY of the people involved in The Burg are PSU. Matt Yeager (plays Xander, writes), Bob McClure (plays Jed), Jeff Skowron (plays Ryan), Katie La Greca (handles our promotions), and many other people in small roles all went to PSU.

Jeremy said...

Thanks for filling in the blanks, Thom!