Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dumplings, trivia

H. and I put in a valiant effort tonight at trivia, managing to avoid coming in last, depsite being a two-person team. (We were late, having taken our time after a Dumpling House visit on the LES.) My proudest moment of the evening was recognizing that the logo you see at left is that of the Albuquerque Isotopes, a minor-league baseball team in New Mexico. I'm not quite so sure why I was so excited to remember this, but I was. The visual round was all sports logos, including such obscure ones as the Bolton Wanderers, a Greater Manchester football club in the U.K. that's managed to secure a slot in the Premiership during recent years. Who knew? And I totally should've gone with UPenn as the answer for the first medical school in the U.S., since I knew it was one in Philadelphia and also both of the hosts tonight (Caren and "Bunny") are alumnae of the university, but instead I suggested "Pennsylvania Medical College," which was wrong and turned out to be a different school altogether. The Medical College of Pennsylvania was the first women's medical school, also located in Philly, and after many mergers and renamings, it's now Drexel University's College of Medicine.

Oh, and it was my second night in a row for a twist of Raspberry and "Milky Weigh" Likity Lite soft serve from Mary's Dairy on West 4th St. Does it get any better than that?

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