Saturday, June 03, 2006

Drunk by 8:30

Riding uptown on the A train tonight, after a visit to the Apple Store, I looked up from my book about college shenanigans (yes, I finally settled on devoting the time it'll take to finish Charlotte Simmons) to see a couple hugging one of the subway poles. There was something about the girl that seemed a little off, and then I realized: She seemed awfully tipsy, like she'd had a little bit too much fun at some happy hour. The guy, on the other hand, didn't seem too bad, as he steadied her occasionally with his hand. And for whatever reason, the couple at the pole never sat down the whole way up to the Heights, even after they had lots of seats to choose from. If I'd seen this back in college, I wouldn't have thought twice. But something about it felt out of place here. Do people just handle their liquor better? Feel less obligated to make a scene? Do the really far-gone ones just take taxis, thereby weeding out the intoxicated who actually end up riding the subways?

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