Thursday, June 01, 2006

'Double Check'

Recognize this sculpture? It's one that survived 9/11, and ended up being heavily photographed all covered in ash and debris. It also became one of the makeshift memorials around ground zero. It was returned today to a newly renovated public plaza—on Liberty Street in Lower Manhattan—that's been renamed Zuccotti Park. See more of my photos from this evening over at Curbed.

Later, I met L. at the newish Mexican place El Centro on Ninth Avenue for Coronas and enchiladas, as well as two baskets full of chips and salsa. It's located in the corner space formerly occupied by the retro Thai diner Vynl, which moved down to around 51st Street. The new place seems just as popular as the old place: It has a good location, great decor, reasonable prices, and a nice selection at the bar. Tonight, I sat down to eat right as the dark clouds started to roll in over Hell's Kitchen, and soon enough, the heavens opened up and there was thunder and lightning galore, all nicely visible from the big windows in the restaurant. We had hoped our dinner would outlast the storm, but it was still coming down as we ducked into a taxi and then headed our separate ways.

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