Monday, June 12, 2006

Detail from the 9/11 Firefighters' Memorial

I couldn't help but notice—this evening as I visited the newly unveiled 9/11 Firefighters' Memorial at "10 House," across Liberty Street from ground zero—how the area around many of the names had already begun to lighten after just one round of the victims' families and friends taking rubbings, the way they do at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. In Washington, the material is granite; here, it is bronze. I wonder if the artist knew how quickly the touching hands and the paper-shielded pencil strokes would alter the color on the surface.
A Hands-On Tribute to the Pain and Valor of 9/11 [NYTimes]

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shirley buxton said...

The wives of these valiant men are not parading their political views as are other wives. Thank you for this post.