Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cali's Pants, Pants, Pants

My friend from college, Adam, recently switched coasts, trading in the wilds of southeastern Pennsylvania for Berkeley, California, and he's keeping a blog to document this weird and wonderful new place they call the Bay Area. Among the more weird and wonderful things he's discovered? The band Pants, Pants, Pants. Writes Adam: "We squeezed with Uncle Joey, but he said 'cut-it-out.' Naturally, the requisite hand gestures were made during that last line. This is San Francisco, after all. This show is deeply ingrained in the city’s cultural lexicon." This wacky band has also recreated, shot-for-shot, the two opening-credits sequences for "Full House" as a music video for another one of their songs. Watch and be mildly amazed. My favorite part is the use of a stuffed otter toy in a dress to represent the Mary-Kate and Ashley character of Michelle Tanner (above). In the second sequence, the otter is used as a full-head mask because Michelle gets old enough to do things on her own and the stuffed otter still lacks this capacity. Brings back memories of late-afternoon reruns. To think what time we devoted to (wasted on?) this silly show in our younger days.

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Adam said...

I'm glad you find this as amusing as I do. It's scary, but people here really identify with this show in way that's a little too earnest not to be creepy.