Monday, May 22, 2006

Sea, seeing again

Saw my very good friend K. again for the first time in nearly two years. She's back in the city, for good this time. It is a rare thing when you can say that someone is your oldest friend, and it's even better when you can reconnect with that person after time apart. We ate at Sea, the great and reasonably priced Thai food place on North Sixth St. in Billyburg. Haven't been back to that block in ages, it seems, and it's become even more overrun with hippness in the interim. After dining, we hit up one of the many bars (this one had a Polish-sounding name, but it was obviously not memorable enough for me to recall) that have blossomed in the area. I remember Sea as being one of several outposts off the main drag of Bedford; now the area's started to fill in much more, and the clothing and interior design shops seem to be jockeying for space with the meatpacking establishments and other bits of light industrial. I wouldn't mind living in Williamsburg, but I wonder if the constant stream of hipsters would bother me, and the L train, while featuring fancy newish subway cars, also boasts some pretty obnoxious delays at times.

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