Sunday, May 07, 2006

Remains of the weekend

Lovely to have J. in town for a few days. The debut of the H&M linen suit was a success. The Hungarian Pastry Shop and the Times on Saturday afternoon, before the good ol' P.A.B.T. at 3. For the graduation celebration, the Blue Water Grill was hopping and as delicious as I remembered it. Reveling in the great flavors, loving every bite, not wanting the plate to be empty. I had Alaskan halibut for the first time, won't be my last. Pancakes and eggs this morning. "Sheep May Safely Graze" at church. Broadway street fair. Strawberry and apple crepe. Lemonade. Falafel sandwich. Like ol' Arts Fest, but much cheaper. The horse riders, the community garden. Into the park around 90th St. The reservoir, her fascination at seeing so many people out on the trails, on the sand-less beach, everywhere. Trying to imagine how many are in the park on a given warm-weather Sunday. As many as a million? Enjoying the view atop Belvedere Castle, seeing the turtles swimming around in the water below. The various musicians, the string trio by the Sheep Meadow, the skate-dance congregation. F train to Brooklyn. Slice of pizza. Caren's reading. The "curator" herself filling in as well very ably. Dinner for five at Bar Toto. Ride for five back north, then west, reminiscent of riding around in cramped high-school backseats.

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