Friday, May 19, 2006

Pour your own drink at Gawker HQ

A round of bottoms-up pour-your-own Tanqueray and tonics to kick off the weekend at Gawker Media's headquarters on Crosby Street between Spring and Prince. The place was, you might imagine, crawling with bloggers, invited for the shindig. The first of many on-site happy hours, perhaps? The whole "Hi, I know lots about you through your blog, even though we've never met" phenomenon was definitely in effect. Finally got to meet Jake and Jen of Gothamist. Others in attendance and a handshake away: Larry of This Is What We Do Now. Nick Denton, Mr. Gawker himself. Meg of the unstoppable Meg Hourihan/Jason Kottke duo. Plus, good times with two Harlem bloggers: Rachel of Bagel in Harlem, who once did a stint in Billings, Mont., and Chris of Harlem Fur, who, yes, takes his cat outside. [If you two are wondering, here's a page defining bebop jazz: it actually dates back to the '40s!] Also, congrats to The Sun's Meghan K. for her Phillips Foundation fellowship.

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Chris said...

Jeremy- It was great meeting you on Friday. Maybe next time I'll bring my cat.