Friday, May 19, 2006

Le Cirque

We crashed the opening party for Le Cirque last night, which was actually more of a reopening party, since this is the third incarnation of Le Cirque since the '70s. I remember passing its second home, in the New York Palace Hotel on Madison, many times, but it closed there before I could get a peek inside. The latest location is inside the base of One Beacon Court, looking out at the seven-story open-at-the-top glass rotunda. The interior feels a little cold, but perhaps that'll change once they bring in the tables. There are actual "circus" touches, including tent-like fabric panels in the main dining room and Calder-esque wire sculptures of acrobats and animals and such set into the wall above the banquettes. It's a little hard to judge a restaurant's food just on the hors d'oeuvres, but everything I ate was delicious, especially the lobster ceviche and the "famous" creme brule. Fame is of course the buzzword at a restaurant that's "most famous for being famous," so there were lots of celebrities on hand last night. Those whom I saw: Joan Rivers, Martha Stewart, Tony Bennett, Michael Shvo (famous in real estate circles at least), and NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly. Bill Cosby and Mayor Bloomberg himself were supposedly there as well. The toilets were very nice too: marked W.C. and all individual rooms.
Le Cirque Starts Third Life at One Beacon Court [Bloomberg]
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