Sunday, May 14, 2006

Guide to Hudson Heights/Fort Tryon

Since people sometimes happen upon this blog by searching for info about my neighborhood, I thought I'd go ahead and note what this place has to offer. I've written before about Hudson Heights, but this is an attempt to put more info in one place.

Hudson Heights is a relatively recent name (within the past 15 years or so) that was invented to differentiate the section of northwest Washington Heights from the rest of the neighborhood, which generally extends from Harlem to Inwood. Most define its northernmost boundary as Fort Tryon Park. It extends from the Hudson River to Broadway. Its southernmost boundary is usually defined as 181st Street, but some would say it extends to just north of the George Washington Bridge approach and the bus terminal. North-south avenues include Cabrini, Pinehurst, Fort Washington, and Bennett, as well as Magaw Place and Overlook Terrace. The main commercial strip besides Broadway and 181st Street is at 187th Street between Fort Washington and Pinehurst.

Food markets: Key Food on Broadway. Associated on Fort Washington. Frank's Market on 187th Street. Karrot Cabrini on 181st (Fair Trade).
Pizza places: One on Broadway, another on 187th Street, and three on 181st Street.
Major co-ops: Castle Village. Hudson View Gardens.
Restaurants/bars: New Leaf Cafe in Fort Tryon Park. Bleu Evolution. The Monkey Room. Hispaniola. Jesse's Place. 107 West (Tex-Mex). Healthy Habits (Organic/Vegetarian). Kismat (Indian).
Pharmacy: Hilltop at 187th and Fort Washington.
Parks: Fort Tryon, featuring the Heather Garden and the Cloisters, plus views of the Hudson. Bennett Park, site of the highest natural point in Manhattan as well as a Revolutionary War battle.
Subway stops: A train at 181 (entrances at 181st St. and 184th St.) and 190 (Fort Washington Ave. and Bennett Ave.)
Schools: PS 187, Hudson Cliffs School. Mother Cabrini High School.
Starbucks: There's one at 181st Street and Fort Washington Ave.
Movie theater: One on 181st Street.

There's also a U.S. post office just beyond the borders of Hudson Heights to the north. It's Fort George Station, at 4558 Broadway.


Steg (dos iz nit der šteg) said...

Down with gentrified names! Long live Washington Heights, forever indivisible! ;-)

Jeremy said...

I wouldn't quite say this area is gentrified yet. Rents are still dirt cheap! (Well, by Manhattan standards at least.)

Sovereign Associates Real Estate said...

A nice quick summary of the Hudson Height neighborhood! The Starbuck's is quite convenient as it is right of the subway. A lot has built up in the recent years, especially in terms of family-owned businesses. The neighborhood is wonderful, we wouldn't change it for a thing!