Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tunnel Street revealed

So I've been posting about "Tunnel Street" — the three-block-long underground pedestrian walkway that connects the 191st Street station for the 1 train with Broadway and the outside world — for a while now without revealing what it looks like. I didn't want to freak out any gentle readers. I assure you that the feeling that you're walking through an ancient jail or mental institution dissipates after a while. But here it is, looking better than usual actually, because the NYC Sanitation crews must've come through recently with paint for the walls to get rid of the graffiti. The painters were clearly very sloppy with the spare paint, so the ground currently looks like an imitation Jackson Pollock canvas with lots of splashes and swirls. It was those splotches on the ground that I noticed first this morning before realizing the walls had been whitewashed. I usually don't mind seeing street art (aka graffiti) around the city, but when it's in a three-block-long tunnel, I can do without it.

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