Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Space age

I gladly acknowledge that I grew up a suburbanite, but having lived in smallish dorms and apartments for going on seven years now, I feel something different whenever I return to my parents' house now. It can probably best be summed up with my joking question this past Saturday: "What do you guys do with all this space?" Of course, I don't mind having extra rooms to use occasionally during weekend trips home, but it's not as hard as I once thought to get accustomed to living in small quarters. Just as a rising salary can make it hard for one to go back to living on the cheap, the same can happen in the opposite direction for space. Now that I've gotten used to living in three rooms, I don't necessarily yearn for more. If I weren't living alone, I'd probably feel differently, and someday if I get married and have children, a studio will probably seem kind of paltry. But at this point in my life, I like having just enough space. And going forward, I hope I never walk into a room that I own or rent and say, "What's the point of this space?"

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