Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Round o' shout-outs

Today, some nods around the blog-o-sphere and friend-o-sphere. Some of these items are mentioned on the friends' blogs; some are just news about friends who have blogs.

» Daryl wrote an obituary today for William Gottlieb, the 89-year-old photographer known for famous pictures of jazz greats, such as an iconic profile shot of Billie Holiday. [DarylLang.com]

» Sarah's moving to the Upper West Side, and just got back from Greece, where she stayed in an insanely awesome resort hotel room. She's got the pix to prove it. [FinishingTheHat]

» Inspired by the latest "Fake Writer" scandal involving Harvard sophmore author Kaavya Viswanathan, fellow New Jerseyite Caren figures out which N.J. mall could have inspired the line "170 specialty shops later" in multiple novels. [AddledWriter]

» The water service to Carly's apartment in Istanbul has been shut off, and thus she's happily counting down the days until her return to the U.S. "Let me tell you, carrying water from the fountain at the local mosque is the most unique cultural adventure I wish I hadn't had. ... I hereby capitulate. Global adventure is dirty." [EnglishTravels]

» Kristina's moving to her own apartment in beautiful New Cumberland, Pa. [21Humor]

» Emily's getting ready for her big cross-country move to L.A. [CallMeTheBreeze]

» Raina was recognized for her poetry this evening by Cave Canem Foundation. [OwningTheSails]

» Cait recently introduced the time-honored classroom science activity of the Egg Drop to her students in China. [ChinaGirl]

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