Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cleaning out some Delicious links

» Admiring spring flowers on opposite sides of the globe. [ChinaGirl/Cait]
» JRB finally got around to getting a website and blog. He was also scheduled to play a show tonight at Birdland, something I discovered (unfortunately) about 18 minutes after it was to start. [JasonRobertBrown.com]
» Awesome, slick site devoted to highlighting several notable buildings in the Chicago skyline. Funky new-age music, too. [4178°/ChicagoArchitecture]
» On birthday boy Mozart: "He wrote about 650 pieces; why do we always hear the same old six?" [SeattleWeekly]
» Amazing round-up of current visual culture and arts events in the city at "This Week In New York," all on one really long page. [TWI-NY]

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