Saturday, April 15, 2006

The cat came back

Or more like ... out. A happy ending for the tale that the Times and probably other news outlets were quickly spinning into a meta-tale about itself this week: "At one point, the Internet search engine Google counted at least 359 articles about Molly posted on the Web..." An earlier dispatch read more like a story about how the story of a cat stuck in a wall in a British food shop became such a big story worldwide. I've been to that store, Myers of Keswick at 634 Hudson St., a few times before, and it was usually empty, but I'd imagine this coverage could end up making the place more popular, if only among those hoping to meet 11-month-old Molly. Bonus tidbit: The owner's name really is Myers: Peter Myers.
The Fraidy-Cat of Hudson Street Is Yanked to Safety [NYT]

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