Friday, April 14, 2006

'60 Seconds' series at Ironic Sans

If you've got a minute, this blog's got a movie for you. And if you've got eight minutes, you can watch all the movies in the series. In the latest crazy use for internet video, Ironic Sans has turned its attention to such exciting subjects as a wall of rotating laundry machines, a 42nd Street steam vent, the escalators for Whole Foods at the Time Warner Center, a staircase at the MoMA (above) ... and shot them all for about a minute from the same perspective. Are you on the edge of your seat yet? While these videos aren't exactly captivating, I gotta give the guy credit for coming up with the concept and carrying it out with such devotion. However, I'm a little concerned with the direction the series is taking. The latest subject — barking sea lions on a pier, likely in SanFran — is almost too interesting to fit in exactly with its predecessors. Ditto for Part 7, which spotlights the "Life of Landing Gear" and comes with this testimonial from the creator: "If you only see one 60-second movie this year, see this one. Seriously. I think it’s my favorite. It actually gets my heart racing every time I watch it." Indeed. But back when I first delicious'd this series, I was reminded instead of Andy Warhol's film work Empire, which is about eight hours and six minutes of one stationary shot of the Empire State Building (and is actually in the collection at the MoMA). David of Ironic Sans, to me, had sort of updated the concept and scaled it down for people with more average attention spans and less patience for avant-garde statements. Now, I fear he's gone and sold out. What next? I can only imagine it will be something like "60 Seconds in the Life of a Car Chase" or something equally commercial.
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