Friday, March 10, 2006

Speaking of taxis

HopStop just sent me a promotional e-mail to advertise the fact that they've added a new feature that estimates cab fares for the distance between two addresses. You just type in the beginning and the end points and when they tell you where to go via subway and bus, you can also click on taxi fare and time. Based on a little testing, I think the fares are pretty accurate, within a few bucks and if you factor in a typical 15% tip. However, the times seem greatly exaggerated for all but the worst traffic situations. Still, it's a good gauge for how much you might want to pay a livery cab driver, since there's no set fares, and you either agree on something ahead of time or just pay them what you think is correct when you open the door and step out. (I've taken to doing the latter recently, and haven't gotten any complaints so far, as I usually try to tabulate the comparable yellow taxi fare in my head.)

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