Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MoMA faucet

Even the bathroom faucets are made to look modern at the MoMA. This model is a semi-touchless one, although people (me included) often think that the handle on the left is the on/off switch. It's actually the soap dispenser. The tiny knob on the right, sticking up, is to regulate the water temperature. Other than that, you just stick your hands under and wait for it to notice you. If memory serves, my family used to call the similar yet simpler hands-free models "Disney World sinks," before they became ubiquitous. Yet this particular model still manages to befuddle, if only for a few seconds. And apparently, I'm not the only person to be intrigued by it. That's what happens in a modern/contemporary art space; you start thinking of everything as potential art. I'll refrain from posting the shot I took of the black couch outside the bathrooms.

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