Sunday, March 12, 2006

HBO infiltrates sacred NYT wedding pages

I'm not sure whether to credit HBO for getting such an advertisement onto the same page as the Times' SundayStyles wedding items, or blame the newspaper for jeopardizing their standards and readers' perceptions by putting fake marriages next to real ones. No, the actor Bill Paxton didn't change his name and get married three times; he's just shilling for that new HBO show that premieres tonight. Granted, the triptych is clearly labeled "advertisement," but for a few seconds, I just thought it was a bunch of couples who weren't actually selected by the section staff, but wanted to buy their way in. For the record (or at least according to IMDB), the Fort Worth native whose nickname is apparently "Wild Bill" has only actually been married once and is still married to the same woman. How novel! Although, of course, there's another ad for "Big Love" conveniently placed on his actor page.

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