Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gotham Bar & Grill

Ate at one of the nicest restaurants in the city with one of my favorite professors from college, who's taken a spin into town for spring break. (Remember that? I could use a spring break right about now, Cancun or no.) Needless to say, one of the best meals I've enjoyed in a long, long time. The wine, the food, the service, the atmosphere, the decor and of course the conversation. Some great pinot noir — while not the best I've ever had, still up there. Risotto — which I've been craving for a while now, with wild mushrooms and rabbit sausage. (My first ever rabbit.) Then organic chicken breast with root veggies and a truffle flavored potato side. Every bite worth taking and enjoying. Crusty bread. Lots of delicious NYC water, as my ex-prof noted. A magnificent and rich — but not too rich — chocolate cake cooled down by an oval of banana ice cream. Decaf cappuccino for me, swirled to perfection, watching the big-gauge granules of brown sugar sink into the pinwheel of foam. And six petit-fours, of which we could only manage ... four, being sated so well. My stomach aches slightly from eating so much — but in a good and satisfied way. The only sad part of it all is that such culinary pleasure and intellectual laughter and friendly insight passes so easily, like a quaffable wine down your throat, and then it's gone.

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