Thursday, March 16, 2006

Garden Cafe in Inwood

After a very long day, I relaxed over a glass of wine (Malbec) and dinner with A. at a new restaurant for me, the Garden Cafe on Broadway, just below Isham St., not far from the end of the A line. I had a delicious entree salad with poached chicken and mixed greens and black beans and a bunch of other wonderful flavors. So good and under $10. She had a similar salad, except with freshly cooked tuna on top. Then for dessert, I indulged in the highly recommended (by our waitress) warm chocolate cake: a sort of mini molten Bundt with chocolate-drizzled vanilla ice cream on the side. Soooo good. Then met the dogs, drank some chai, and walked up the twisty hill that is Isham Park for the first time, although not in that order. Just what I needed to take the edge off.

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