Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tunnel vision

The Times uncovers a big, glaring reason why the pedestrian tunnel from Broadway to the 191st Street 1 station is such an eyesore in general: It's owned by the city and not by the MTA, and the city doesn't know tunnels like the MTA does. It's even an official city street — how crazy is that? — the creatively named "Tunnel Street," built in 1913, two years after the subway station went in. I have to say I'm glad the tunnel exists, because it gives the micronabe ready access to a second train line (besides the A), but I'm also inclined to agree that it's high time the MTA took possession of the place and started cleaning it up right. No wonder the transit authority won't listen when you complain about the kids barrelling through the tunnel on their bicycles at high speed: not their problem until they reach the turnstiles.
A Passage Through Gloom Gives a Tunnel a Bad Name [NYT]

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