Friday, February 17, 2006

Hank Stuever on Lloyd, Weir

Reading Hank Stuever reminds me that the Washington Post's Style section features some of the most well-written daily journ pieces out there. Two great ones this week on that John Cusack movie Say Anything (which I've never actually seen, but hear referenced all the time), as well as the style, flair and unabashed panache of young  Johnny Weir. This is some delicious writing, people.
I even wrote an e-mail to Stuever with compliments, and he got back to me personally within minutes: "Thanks for the note. The Lloyd piece is sort of my return to the writing life -- I've been mainly editing in Style since last spring, after my turn at the Michael Jackson trial. (Which would drive anyone to a break.) But now I'm back ... if you have any ideas for stories you want to share, feel free."

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