Monday, February 27, 2006

Choosy beggar

A man accosts me outside of church, says he's trying to get something to eat. I like to keep a granola bar or energy bar in my bag when I think of it for just such occasions, since I'm not always in the mood to give out money on the street. I reach in and hand a bar to him. He looks at me like I've just assaulted him, asks: "What's this?" I tell him it's a trail mix bar (i.e., food — what he said he was looking for). He says, "I don't want this. I'm trying to get a meal. I haven't eaten all day." I tell him that's a start, and that's what I'm offering.

He's probably expecting money, not food, but I'm so taken aback that he won't just accept the food, which is perfectly fine, untouched and in its original wrapper. I ask him whether he wants it and he says no, so I take it back and walk away, wondering at how I feel like I'm the one who's just done something wrong.

If there's anybody out there who'd actually like a free bite of something to eat from a stranger, the bar is still in my bag.

1 comment:

Choosey said...

didnt anyone ever tell you not 2 take candy from strangers? c.b.