Friday, January 27, 2006

James Frey update

If you haven't been following the scandal over James Frey's A Million Little Pieces, he basically has been forced to admit (after The Smoking Gun did an expose) that he embellished or made up a fair amount of his "memoir." Even Oprah has turned on him! Now comes this release from the publisher, Doubelday/Anchor:
We bear a responsibility for what we publish, and apologize to the reading public for any unintentional confusion surrounding the publication of A MILLION LITTLE PIECES.
We are immediately taking the following actions:
• We are issuing a publisher’s note to be included in all future printings of the book.
• James Frey is writing an author’s note that will appear in all future printings of the book.
• The jacket for all future editions will carry the line “With new notes from the publisher and from the author.”
• Although demand for the book remains high, we are not currently reprinting or fulfilling orders until we make the above changes.
• The publisher’s note and author’s note will be posted prominently on the website.
• The publisher’s note and author’s note will promptly be sent to booksellers for inclusion in previously shipped copies of the book.
• An advertisement concerning these developments will appear in national and trade publications in the next few days.

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