Monday, January 23, 2006


CBS' How I Met Your Mother is an awesome TV show. Have I mentioned that before? I probably have. I'll mention it again. Because tonight's episode reminded me of why it's so much fun. It has great writing that keeps you guessing and a cast of enjoyable characters that have different goals and different attitudes (and different senses of humor). This episode, "Drumroll Please," reminded me a lot of "The Pineapple Incident," because of the way it leaps back and forth in time, between the night before and the morning after, to tell the story. And seemingly inane comments (in this case, say, about the crazy delicious wedding cake) end up becoming very important later on in the show. The whole premise of the show — a father telling his children about their parents' meeting story 25 years in the future — is mirrored in this technique. Plus, there's another awesome quasi-NYC reference: Buttercup Bakery (a stand-in, perhaps, for Buttercup Bake Shop).

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