Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bad day, good day

Today was supposed to be the worst day of the year, scientifically or mathematically, according to some professor from Wales who gets lots of stories written about his research every year. Well, it started off pretty bad for me. I had one of those back-in-college dreams where I've forgotten to do some massive assignment and it's due tomorrow and I don't have time or the willingness to do it. Then I woke up later than I wanted and wasn't all that well rested and the internet wasn't running very well, either. The line at the post office was horrendous. I made poor choices about getting to work. There was traffic on the West Side Highway and some supposed fire on the 1 line. Finally I get to work and things start to turn around after I happened upon free food in the conference room. Went to Trivia with D. et al for the first time in weeks, after having chowed down on the $2.75 special at whatever they call that Grey's Papaya imitation stand near the West 4th St. station. We won 2nd place with our massive team, which began as a threesome and just kept growing. A well-made audio round in which each clip included only 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ... notes, although I only knew about half the songs. Then, on my way uptown, I ran into M., my official transit acquaintance, yet again on a subway platform, so I had a friend for the ride home.

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