Wednesday, December 21, 2005

MTA Strike: Day 2

Well, the strike is still a major pain, but today's commuting wasn't as bad as yesterday's or take as long.

This morning, I took a cab across the Harlem River to University Heights Metro-North station, where I paid only $4 and caught a train into Grand Central. From there I walked down the car-less Madison Avenue and over to Herald Square where I caught the PATH train, which would've had me into World Trade Center even sooner if the train hadn't gone in the wrong direction at one point. All in all, just under 2 hours.

Then tonight, I walked uptown to Soho, where I had to check something out, then walked over to the 9th St. PATH stop, where I eventually got on one of the most crowded train cars I've ever seen and head north to Herald Square again. I got out and walked for a bit, north and west, until I'd had enough and hailed a cab. Along the way, the cabbie - who was going by the zone fare system - picked up three other people, two of whom I chatted with. One woman who said only a third of her office was in today, and who said she hadn't done most of her Christmas shopping yet. She got out around 105th Street. The guy in the front seat got out at 116th.

The last guy to get out (up around 147th) said he worked for Meredith Corp. over across from the Chrysler Building. We were talking about how the strike was costing everyone more money than usual to commute and he mentioned his roommate was a drag performer - seriously! - who had to work downtown every night and was getting frustrated by having to take a cab there and back. His stack of money (paid under the table) was thus a little smaller each night. Ah, New York.

So I figure that commuting during two days of this strike has cost me upwards of $70 more than usual and about two to three times as much time as usual.

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