Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lennon shot: 25 years later

After a dinner out at Bianca on Bleecker and a free drink at the Wired Store tonight, I headed up to West 72nd Street and the park to see if I could get anywhere close to Strawberry Fields. It was 25 years ago tonight that John Lennon was shot outside the Dakota. It was a slightly surreal experience, seeing all those people milling about at the edge of Central Park in the dark. The only official commemoration I read about was a candlelight vigil and moments of silence around the time when he was shot before he died. But I didn't stick around to see any of that. Different groups of people were singing Beatles songs and John Lennon's own later ones. There were bouquets and other mementos attached to the black fence around the apartment building, but I couldn't get anywhere near the Imagine mosaic at the center of Strawberry Fields.

There was a line a few blocks long in which you had to wait before you could file past the spot as if you were filing past the body of the man lying in honor somewhere. And there were cops, lots and lots of them everywhere, even a police helicopter hovering above. It was an interesting sight to see, and yet strangely empty and artificial. A day, a round number of years. This guy obviously meant a lot to many people and still touches people's lives with his music and his various messages, and I guess people want to commemorate what many see as his martyrdom, but it was cold and there was little to see, except for perhaps all the other people who'd arrived, many speaking different languages, to see what there was to see.

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