Monday, November 14, 2005

Link-free S.O.C. babble

I should really read Moby-Dick. In Cold Blood too. Gaps in my reading of the classics. Glaring gaps. Not the only gaps. Only the latest ones to surface. Chris Ware is amazing. Should read more of his comics. Saw his work at Adam Baumgold. Bare empty room. Adam himself sitting at a card table in the room, not an alcove, actually in the room when I visited. Dictating a letter to someone on the other end of the phone. I left just as he got off. Was he feeling awkward because it was just me looking at Ware’s art and him talking on the phone, no one else. Ware’s comics also appearing in the New York Times Magazine each Sunday. Other graphic novels I’ve noticed recently and want to read. Was surprised to be reading earlier this month about pirates, real pirates, not copyright pirates, real ones, as in ship-bound thieves, threatening to board an ocean liner off the coast of Africa. Who knew? Moby-Dick. Have we lost a connection to the sea that once was? Read the opening lines of the book, have picked it up in stores, but have not purchased it yet. Opening lines about Manhattan and the water, about how man is drawn to the sea, whether to sail on it or to merely gaze on it, as I do so often when I can. Union League Club tonight. Dates back to the Civil War. Unresolved race issues. Gin and tonics. No tipping. Jacket and tie required. Walking home through Times Square, so often mistaken as Time Square, even on the poster in the elevator up to Fort Tryon, down to A train, the one by the MTA, or for the MTA, which should’ve known better, but what does it matter really. Artistic license and all. Landlord keeps shutting off the hot water. Keeps posting about it. Saying it’s going to happen from midnight until x-y-z tomorrow. Why wasn’t it enough the first time? How long till the hot water has been used up, drained from all the pipes? Shower tonight like I should or chance it and do it tomorrow.

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