Monday, October 24, 2005

Yes, Hudson Heights

Where do you live? I could answer any number of ways: Upper Manhattan, Upstate Manhattan, Uptown, North of 96th, WaHI, Washington Heights, Hudson Heights. I usually prefer using the last two, but I’ll admit that the last name – which is a more recent invention – hasn’t quite caught on just yet the way Tribeca or Nolita have downtown. But anyone who’s visited this area will likely accept that Hudson Heights could be thought of as distinct.

According to most, the neighborhood is bounded by 181st Street to the south, the Hudson River to the west, Fort Tryon Park to the north and Broadway to the east. Most of this section is considerably higher than its surroundings, except for Bennett Avenue, which connects to 181st but slopes downhill as you go north, while the more westerly streets (Cabrini, Fort Washington, etc.) rise to form the highest natural plateau in Manhattan. Highlights of the neighborhood include Bennett and Fort Tryon parks, the Cloisters, the Mother Cabrini Shrine and High School, and one of the few uptown Starbucks. There are about a dozen restaurants, a few supermarkets, a selection of other stores, some realtors, and of course, great views of the Hudson and the G.W. Bridge. Yes, this is also where the big retaining wall fell.

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