Saturday, October 15, 2005

Two shows to watch

I’m not a very committed TV watcher in general. I’d much prefer to be out in the city most nights that laundry doesn’t need to be done or dishes cleaned. But being sick recently has kept me at home more weeknights than usual. So I’ve started watching two new shows if I’m home. Monday night, it’s “How I Met Your Mother” at 8:30 on CBS. It’s a story that mostly takes place in the present day, except it’s narrated by Bob Saget as if he were a father telling the eponymous epic story to his children 25 years in the future. If that premise alone weren’t enough to lure me, there are Alyson Hannigan (playing a slightly sweeter and less raunchy spin on her American Pie character) and Neil Patrick Harris (channeling his unabashedly straight Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle character) to enjoy. And on Tuesday night, there’s “My Name Is Earl” at 9 on NBC, with the actually rather charming Jason Lee. As I read one reviewer describe it, this is the kind of show that hits you with those after-laughs – things that aren’t necessarily knee slappers the moment you hear them, but which arrive a moment or two later. Also, there’s the idea that Lee’s character actually believes that Carson Daly invented the concept of karma, which drives the show’s storyline.


Spectator1 said...

Watchin some sitcoms, eh? :)

Jeremy said...

Yeah, I don't spurn ALL sitcoms, just ones that don't make me laugh.