Thursday, October 06, 2005


Sure, it doesn't have quite the rebellious-college-student feeling that actual tent-city protests of recent years had, but it's still pretty amusing whenever a bunch of Penn Staters forsake their cozy wired dorms and apartments to brave the elements for some cause, even if it is just a sport. This week, PSU has football fever, so Camp Nittany has sprung up outside Beaver Stadium. Both the Collegian and the university's PR team are covering the action.

You gotta wonder, though, whether those who came up with the Paternoville name realize its somewhat unfortunate association: I'm thinking of Hoovervilles, those shantytowns that formed during the Great Depression in places like Central Park. President Hoover wasn't exactly the darling of those encampments, whereas Joe Paterno is the unironic conquering hero of this village's name.

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UPDATE: Once and future blogger Daryl informed me tonight that camping outside the stadium isn't all that uncommon really. When the team is doing well, there are usually a few dozen hardcore fans who aim to stake their claim at some front-row seats as early as possible in the week, so thus they pitch their tents and wait until gameday arrives, when they will be ushered in to not-so-warm but still very choice ... bleachers.

Still: I never remember them giving the tent city an actual name.

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