Thursday, October 27, 2005

Lisa Loeb ate my pancake

I was eating outside one of my favorite L.E.S. holes-in-the-wall (which shall remain nameless) last night, when I noticed a small film crew arrive. I continued chowing down, not having recognized any of the on-screen talent. In New York, I've learned, there are so many people swinging cameras around, you can't always tell how big-name an operation it is. Well, this one seemed like some blind-date type show. A girl and a guy yammering on about nothing while the cameras rolled. I'm going to gloss over some of the details here, but basically, I found myself interacting with this couple and eventually sharing a bite or two of my food with the woman. I wasn't very funny or witty, because I still thought it was some two-bit operation at this point. Anyway, the shot finishes, the talent moves on, and I find a waiver form passed my way.

Apparently, I'd just shared a few words with the singer Lisa Loeb, fresh off her recent appearance on "The Colbert Report." Totally did not recognize her in the moment. So anyway, I might or might not - depending on how unfunny I was or vital to the story flow that shot was - appear momentarily on an as-yet-untitled E! reality project.

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