Sunday, October 02, 2005

Go State!

I've gotten into the habit of not staying glued to PSU's football season these past few years as the team has foundered. So now I feel bad that I've been missing out on what's turning out to be their best season since I was in school there. (Penn State beat Minnesota 44-14 yesterday.)

Here's a choice quote from the Inky's Sunday morning recap: "Penn State's seven-game winning streak is now the third-longest in the country, behind only Southern Cal's streak of 26 games and Texas' string of 11."

It's not every day I see my alma mater mentioned in the same breath as those powerhouses of the gridiron.

Hail to the Lion!

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Spectator1 said...

Hail to the Lions indeed!! A 30-point spread -- now that is vintage PSU!!! And how sweet it is to crush Minnesota after the devastating 1-point, last-second win in 1999. I believe that game was the beginning of the Lions' five-year descent. Were you there? I'll never forget the stunned looks and utter silence when we blew that game.