Wednesday, September 07, 2005

When the going gets linky

One of the great/funny things about blogs is the way they can shift (i.e., you can make them shift) in tone so sharply from one post to the next, especially if the author(s) isn’t particularly tied to a certain voice. Regular readers of this space might notice that one moment I can be sappy and sentimental, the next straightforward and matter-of-fact, and sometimes even attempting whatever amount of snark I can muster. It was with a hint of that last tone that I wrote this recent post. It also included some other key linkable elements: mention of Park Slope (where 97.3% of all NYC bloggers live), anti-corporate graffiti, and a visual to dress it all up. As a result, both Curbed and Gawker liked it enough to toss me some love, and it also sparked quite a conversation among the comments, which could just be two or three people going at it, back and forth, but still looks good for this little node of the web.

Update: I know it's not very hip to brag about page views, but today's 1000+ visitors just totally messed with my daily pattern.

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