Monday, September 26, 2005

Try it; you might like it

It used to be the only free discs that arrived unexpectedly in the mail were the umpteenth attempts by AOL at signing you up as a new member, after you’ve exhausted your 101, 203, 499, or 1003 free minutes, of course. But recently this year, the samplers have improved. I’ve started getting musical theater samplers occasionally, as I noted before. The latest CD is for The Color Purple; I haven’t gotten around to listening to it yet, but I do intend to.

And not just that, but TV shows are also marketing themselves via free DVDs attached to magazines, the latest being Everybody Hates Chris. Even with all the good press this show has been getting [Slate], I doubt I would’ve sought it out regularly (I’m not a very committed TV watcher in general) if I hadn’t seen the premiere episode on DVD. The verdict? It’s funny but sweet, and rather fresh as well, which was surprising to me but not unwelcome.

It’s pretty amazing that the cost of production on these discs has come down so much that they can be spread around to the public so readily, but I have to admit they seem to be succeeding at rising above the clutter, in ad speak.

If you didn’t get the DVD of Chris, Google Video is getting in on the marketing action with this streaming video, which also pops up on the sponsored links if you do a search using the name of the show.


Sarah said...

I also get those weird free CDs in the mail for musicals. And they are always crappy musicals. I didn't get anything for Sweeny Todd except a glossy brochure offering to sell me 'discount' tickets for $70.

Jeremy said...

Gotta love when the "discount prices" are actually more expensive that the cheapest seats in the house at their regular price.