Friday, September 02, 2005

Top 10-ish tops

On a less heartbreaking note, the Skyscraper Museum has released the results of a survey of people involved in architecture: They asked them to vote for their favorite New York skyscrapers from a list of 25 notable ones. I was a little surprised at the list of candidates – it seemed like they left a lot out of the running – but the overall winner was not a surprise. It was the ever-photogenic 75-year-old Chrysler Building. The ESB, tallest in the city, came in fifth. Those are two of my favorites, but not limiting myself to the museum’s list, here are some of my other favorites: The Citigroup Center, the MetLife Tower, the Sony Tower (formerly the AT&T Building), Manhattan’s Municipal Building, the McGraw-Hill Building, and of course, the Eldorado.

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