Monday, September 05, 2005

Super heroes and quesadillas

Not one but two trips to Park Slope were made this weekend.

One place I recommend, whether or not you are ready to admit that you are a superhero: The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co., a not-so-hush-hush storefront and perpetual fund-raiser for the writing and tutoring center in the back called 826 NYC [previously]. Upon entry, you are encouraged to sign your superhero name and secret power(s) in a big old ledger book that looks like it was sent via time machine to us here in the future from some time in the middle of the 20th century, back when superheroes were more popular and frequently chronicled in comic books. Besides the capes and grappling hooks and cans of anti-matter and economy-priced force field and balls of helium gum, there are books as well. I bought one of these. In order to buy something, you place it into a “vault” and then the attendant enters a big tall booth and her voice booms out over the entire store and she asks you to recite the superhero oath of loyalty – complete with your real name and superhero name – before she takes your payment and gives you your item(s) and receipt. And yes, they possess the super powers necessary for you to pay with credit cards.

Also to be recommended: Los Pollitos II, a reasonably priced Mexican restaurant, also on Fifth Ave. I had one of their cheap specials the other night: pumpkin-flower quesadillas. Yum!


Bethany said...

And what was your superhero name and power?!

Jeremy said...

I was LazyButt: able to sleep long past most NYC brunch times.