Friday, September 16, 2005

Son of The Gates

The next big work of public art aimed at tweaking the city's landscape and tweaking our perception of it -- after this winter's Gates in Central Park -- debuts tomorrow. It's the 1970 concept (and 2005 execution) of Floating Island to Travel Around Manhattan Island by the late environmental artist Robert Smithson of Spiral Jetty fame. Despite the hype and of course the anticipated backlash to the hype, I love when public art manages to invade the news. With all the other forces that affect our consciousness -- war, terrorism, natural disasters -- it's great to be able to enjoy and watch and discuss and dispute human-imagined changes to the city's environment. For anyone who works, lives and/or plays near the rivers, the Whitney has a viewing guide to help with spotting the mobile, waterborne work. The Times also wrote about it today. The "island" will be with us through Sept. 25.

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