Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saturday night subway story

So I ran down to the uptown platform at Columbus Circle after a night out, and found an A train sitting in the station. There were a few people standing in the doors, one foot in, one foot out, and I asked one why. He said the train crew and dispatchers were deciding whether to go local or stay express (it was that time of the night). Living way past the point where this matters too much to me, I decided to hop on. Then a debate ensued. The conductor was gabbing into the microphone about what the next stop would be: 72nd or 125th. Those on my car decided to try and sway the decision, some (the Upper West Side riders) yelling out “local,” with others (we of the Heights and Harlem) crying “express.” I joined in the fun: Express! Express! Sadly – well, not really all that sadly – my team lost, as the conductor settled on 72nd. Half of the riders let out a collective dejected sigh, and settled in for the slightly longer ride. The conductor cried out: “This is an uptown A train going local … loco, loco.”

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